1337tattoos: Hey guys, what’s up? You sent your asks and now…


Hey guys, what’s up? You sent your asks and now here’s the complete interview with the awesome artist David Cote! I hope you like it and if you want to check out  the previous interviews click here

Could you make a quick introduction about yourself for my followers?
My name is David, i’m 24 years old and live in Montreal, Canada. My main passions are tattooing and music. When I’m not working, you can find me in my room making music.

What’s one of the hardest tattoos you have ever done?

Good one. Probably this back piece: http://thedavidcote.tumblr.com/post/160272122557/finished-my-friends-back-the-other-day-more It wasn’t hard technically but hard on the long run.

Is there a part(s) of the body that you refuse to tattoo? And if so, why?
I refuse to tattoo hands, neck and head unless the person is covered in tattoos. I don’t like to do those job stoppers.   

Is there any place in the world you would like to travel to tattoo?

My favorite place in the world is in Breda, Netherlands. I work at this shop called Bunker Tattoo at least once a year. The staff and the clients are just too awesome.

Your art style is very unique. Where do you get the inspiration for it?

Everything, everywhere. It could be from a silhouette I saw on the ground or an ad on a bus. I also get inspiration from the vintage polish posters.

What has been your favorite moment in your career, so far?

So many of them. I’m just very grateful that I can make a living out of making art and get to meet incredible dedicated people everyday that encourages me to push my limit. 

If you could describe your art in one word, what would it be?

Psychedelic (I know I didn’t think too far for this one hehe!)

If you had to pick an artist to make a tattoo collab, who would it be? Or is that something you’re not interested in?

I’d love to make a collaboration with Winston The Whale or Luca Font. Both buddies of mine with such unique styles. Pushing the graphic boundaries to the max.

Do you have a favorite theme to tattoo?

Faces and surreal landscapes.

What’s your craziest story about being a tattoo artist?

There’s way too many! Just the fact that I get to meet/tattoo musicians that I listen makes my job incredible.

For you, what’s the worst part of the body to work on?

Ribs. Definitely.

How do you feel about clients who bring in their own art? Do you like to work on them or do you prefer do design from scratch?

I like to use it as a guidance to start. I always like to elaborate on it and think outside the box. It makes my job fun and makes a nice tattoo. And a nice tattoo makes a happy customer. So everyone’s happy in the long run!

You have the chance to make an album cover. What band/singer would you pick? What would you design?

Hard one. There’s too many of em’! I’d pick either Thundercat or Frank Zappa. They’re two artists that have a very unique genre. Their music speaks so much to me that i’m sure I’d make something really fun!

Thanks a lot David for your time, this was really great! If you like his work go follow him everywhere now:

instagram: @thedavidcote 
tumblr: thedavidcote.tumblr.com
facebook: David Côté
store: thedavidcote.bigcartel.com